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Rescue & Descent

In emergency situations where quick escape or rescue is vital, rescue and descent equipment needs to be fast and reliable. The type of jobsite, anchor location, working load and limit, and ease of use are some important considerations when choosing the appropriate rescue and descent system. A single rescue system cannot efficiently handle every scenario, […]

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Confined Space

When it comes to confined space entry/rescue, it is essential that equipment operates perfectly and quickly. We have an extensive line of rescue and retrieval systems with proven field service. What to look for in a confined space rescue system: ease of use, mechanical systems, durability, versatility, strength, and portability.

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Vertical & Horizontal Systems

A Vertical Fall Protection System allows the worker to move up and down the entire height of the lifeline rather than having to disconnect and find new tie-off points along the way. We consider the following when choosing the right vertical system: portable or permanent job, mobile or manual automation, and assisted or non-assisted climbing. […]

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Self-Retracting Lifeline

Self Retracting Lifelines (SRL), often called yo-yos in the safety industry, grabs the worker in the event of a fall by sensing the speed of movement and stopping within as little as a few inches, much like a seat belt. Many factors are involved in choosing the right SRL: Length | Housing Construction | Lifeline […]

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Anchorages are a secure point of attachment for lifelines, lanyards or deceleration devices, which is independent of the means of supporting or suspending the worker. Anchorages used for attachment of personal fall arrest equipment shall be independent of any anchorage being used to support or suspend platforms. OSHA standard; 1915.159(a)(8).

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Lanyard & Connecting Devices

When choosing a lanyard, consider the following: 1) Webbing: strong enough to endure rough use and exposure, without tearing or fraying. 2) Impact Indicators: allows workers to see if a shock absorber has been involved in a fall. Once deployed, the lanyard must be removed from service immediately and destroyed. 3) Connector/Hook: Snap hooks are […]

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Body Harness

A harness is the single most important fall protection equipment choice. If affects safety in many ways, as well as having a direct influence on comfort, confidence, productivity and versatility on the job. Harnesses are available for specific uses within industries such as construction, oil and gas, transportation, utilities/telecommunications, municipalities and wind/energy. Personal fall arrest […]

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