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Cold Weather Gloves

Combat challenging cold weather conditions with safety gloves where protection is achieved while maintaining the highest movement allowance, so dexterity is preserved and the work force can face the cold with confidence.

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Lineman’s Gloves & Protectors

Lineman’s Gloves | Protectors | Bags Insulating gloves are necessary for every electrical worker’s complete safety protection against electrical shock. Leather protectors provide needed protection from cuts, abrasions, and punctures. Proper storage extends the service life of these gloves.

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Impact, Anti-Vibration & Mechanic’s Gloves

Impact Protection | Anti-Vibration | Mechanic’s | Utility Impact Protection gloves provide a superior back-of-hand impact protection system, utilizing an advanced design to dissipate forceful blows over a large area. Anti-Vibration gloves are designed for superior protection to the hands from sources of vibration or impact. Mechanic’s and Utility gloves are offered in a wide […]

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Heat Resistant & Welding Gloves

Leather Heat Resistant | Terrycloth | Kevlar | Aluminized | Hot Mill | MIG/TIG Heat Resistant gloves are available in several different materials offering handling protection up to 600 degrees and up to 2000 degrees of radiant protection. Heat resistant gloves are used in Foundries, Heat Treating Departments, Molding, Casting, Steel Mills, Welding and Assembly […]

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Cotton Jersey, String Knit Gloves, & Canvas

Brown Jersey | Canvas | String Knit | Inspection | Dotted Cotton Jersey gloves are extremely soft, comfortable and ideal for keeping warm. PVC dotted gloves offer more abrasion resistance and grip. Canvas and String Knit gloves are economical, comfortable, and breathable; these gloves are extremely popular for general and light duty applications. Inspection gloves […]

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Disposable & Chemical Resistant Gloves

Nitrile | Neoprene | PVC | Polyethylene | Latex | Vinyl | Powder-Free | Rubber Disposable Gloves are used for applications requiring light hand protection from liquids, chemicals and debris. Chemical Resistant Gloves are categorized into unsupported and supported gloves. Unsupported gloves are made by dipping into the glove compound with hand molds without liner […]

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Cut Resistant Gloves

Kevlar | Dyneema | Leather | Stainless Steel Mesh Cut Resistant Gloves are specially designed to provide the maximum protection from direct contact with sharp edges such as sheet metal, glass fiberglass, ceramics and other projects. The level of cut resistance can be improved by using various high performing materials such as Kevlar, Spectra or […]

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Palm Coated and General Purpose Gloves

Nitrile | Latex | PVC | Rubber | Polyurethane | Foam | Vinyl Palm Coated and General Purpose Gloves are ultra cool and very comfortable to wear; breathable coating keeps hands cool and dry. Foam nitrile provides good snag, puncture, cut and abrasion resistance and improved oil grip. Gloves are used in applications which require […]

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Leather Work & Driver’s Gloves

Leather Palm | Double Palm | Driver’s | Goatskin | Pigskin Leather Work gloves are the most widely used and recognized work glove. Many industries prefer the leather palm glove because of its abundance, economy, and ability to handle a wide array of applications. Driver’s Gloves feature select grades of leather for consistent grading and […]

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