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Pelican Pro Gear – Protective Cases for Computers, Phones and Tablets

Aluminum and engineering grade polymer materials provide ultimate protection for computers, iPhones and tablets in hazardous working conditions. Waterproof GORE-TEX membrane covers microphone and speakers for hi-fidelity audio. Durable Lexan screen cover with anti-scratch technology. Full-seal design defends against wind-driven rain, dust and snow.

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Industrial Anti-Fatigue Matting

Ergonomic Flooring products maximize your team’s productivity. Custom cuts and shapes create a safe, ergonomic surface over concrete, providing workers with fatigue fighting padding along with defense against slips, trips and falls.

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Locks / Lockouts / Tagouts / Hasps

Controlling hazardous energy by using the required Lockout / Tagout procedures and equipment not only prevents serious injuries, it saves lives.

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Prevent injuries, such as “Musculoskeletal Disorders” (MSD), in the workplace with the proper use of approved ergonomic products. Prevention is as simple as using common sense and taking the appropriate measures: Use padded tools Adjust work surface heights to comfort and convenience Use the proper tool for the job Keep work supplies and equipment close […]

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Hazardous substances are common in many workplaces. Be prepared for potentially dangerous spills with the proper training and sorbent products.

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Identification & Signage

Identifying workplace hazards and promoting the use of correct PPE throughout plant and work zone areas is effectively done with comprehensible identification products.

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Hazardous Storage

Properly storing and dispensing flammable/combustible substances protects workers, helps maintain safe environments and can prevent costly damage. Safety Cabinets | Safety and Plunger Cans | Spill Control | Oily Waste Cans

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Heat Stress

Avoid the risks associated with heat stress among exposed workers by supplying proper training and an assortment of preventative products, including hydrating products such as Gatorade or Sqwincher, water coolers, hydrating packs, vests and apparel.

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Confined Space

Working in and around confined spaces require unique safety product solutions. Proper evaluation and planning are essential elements required to managing these hazards. Confined spaces may be encountered in virtually any occupation; recognition is the first step in preventing fatalities. Deaths occur in confined spaces because the atmosphere is oxygen deficient, toxic or combustible. Recognize […]

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Accurate gas detection saves lives. Whether a fixed, portable or remote gas monitor is required, supply the right solution essential for comprehensive detection in each area.

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